Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is there enough snow yet?

Currently there is an inch or two on the ground and the road surfaces have melted out. We'll see what next week brings. As soon as there is a snow resource, the Forest Service will be locking the snow gates at the top of Trillium Lake Road as well as the road into Still Creek Campground.
The forecasters are predicting another cold and wet winter and the snow levels are dropping. We are that transition period of snow, rain, sun, cold, more snow, rain and typically the snow wins out. Usually we have about a 50% chance of being snowed in by Thanksgiving (sometimes literally on Thanksgiving day) .
Our three larger cabins are booked on weekends from Dec 2 through mid-March.
The week between Christmas and New Years is also booked in all cabins except for a two night stay in the Chimney Rock Aframe arriving Mon, Dec 26 and departing Wednesday, Dec 28.
Thinking of a special Christmas celebration? Currently, the 3 smaller cabins are available for a two night or more stay including Christmas day.
We do have weekend openings in one or both of the 2 smaller cabins (Falls Creek Aframe and Mineral Creek) the first three weekends in December as well as a few weekends in January and February.
Select March weekends are available in the Mineral Cr Cabin as well as the Falls Creek and Chimney Rock Aframes.
March and early April are generally a GREAT time to visit as the days are longer, the weather milder, the crowds die down and typically we have PLENTY of snow.
Pay for 2 winter midweek nights (Sun - Thurs), the 3rd is FREE!
Add Mon or Thurs night to your weekend for 1/2 the regular price.

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