Saturday, December 22, 2012

We've got a LOT to celebrate!

We've got snow!
For the last week, we've received 6-12 inches of new snow per day. There's been so much new, it's all we can do to machine track pack around the lake and Hemlock Tr. This new snow is settling down and will make a great base for the rest of the winter.
Xc skiers and snowshoers are improving user tracks daily.
The shortest day of the year has passed.
Now, we'll slowly see longer days. Right now the sun sets around 4:30.

The full moon is 12/28.

There's nothing better than illumination from the full (or close to full) moon.
Consider planning a night time ski on the clearest pm predicted around the full moon.
When the giant headlights come out, it's magic!

Friday, December 14, 2012

It looks like winter!

With 7-10 inches of new snow consolidating on the ground, the Forest Service snow gates have been locked and xc skiers and snowshoers have been enjoying the Trillium Lake Loop.
Even though it's not yet the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year, a good blast of winter snow is predicted for the next week.
View from cozy Falls Cr Aframe living room

Mt Hood from Summit Meadow 12/13/12
Regular Government Camp Snow Trail condition updates, including the Trillium Lake grooming program, can be found at  
Consider a midweek visit and a GREAT deal. Pay for two winter midweek nights (Sun-Th) and the 3rd is free.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

First snow of the season, Sun 10/21/12

Here's something to get excited about!
It's the first snow of this season which fell this morning, October 21.
While it may be gone tomorrow, I have a clear memory of October 20, 1984, when it started snowing in the morning and when it stopped we had 2+ feet on the ground and were snowed in for the winter. Our son was born Nov 11 of that year.  It was the earliest snowed in date I've experienced since moving here in the mid 1970s, so that tells you how little we know about predicting when we'll be skiing in instead of driving in.

Today the road through the meadow melted out fast as the skies dried up, but sooner or later, winter will be here in full force.

One thing to count on, we always know when it happens after it does.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't let this incredible weather fool you

The transition has started! 


Whether it's the fall colors, the frost in the early morning or the days with more hours of darkness than light, it's apparent, winter is on it's way.

The weather is wonderful. Hiking on the upper mountain is great. You'll see fall colors along w/ patches of wildflowers including monkeyflowers, gentian and more.  
So much beauty, so little time.......


Friday, August 3, 2012

check out all that summer has to offer!

Summer is finally here and it's time to enjoy it while it lasts!
Tiger lily on the  Trillium Lk Tr
Mt Hood Lilies are in bloom on the Veda Lk Tr
Book a  stay at Summit Meadow Cabins.

Enjoy  hiking, biking, birding, boating &  wildflower displays.
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Native huckleberries should be at their prime for picking and fall colors are GREAT!

quiet north end of Trillium Lk
Bog Orchids

As the snow melts at the higher elevations wildflowers that bloomed months ago at lower elevation are now in full color. It's quite the trick to see the same species in bloom 3-5 times throughout the summer. Currently the west side of the Timberline Trail is pretty much snow free.  Paradise Park ( 6 miles west of Timberline Lodge) should  peak with flowers in the next few weeks. Elk Meadows currently has great displays.
Avalanche lilies, follow the melting snow
August and September are wonderful times to visit.
Wild huckleberries should be ready for picking and the colors of fall are outstanding.
The fall raptor migration is at it's peak and can be seen at the Bonney Butte Hawkwatch Site.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

This week's wildflowers are peeking out

Looking carefully here and there at the edge of Summit Meadow, the skunk cabbage are taking a back seat to the trilliums which seem to change from pure white to a gentle pink in a matter of days.

   Wood violets, marsh marigolds and marsh violets and lots more

The sound of the varied thrush adds to the richness of the moment.

This is just the start of the wildflower parade! The upper mountain hiking trails are starting to melt our and feature large fields of avalanche lilies and more.....
Also, it's looking good for huckleberry season in another 3-4 weeks.

Think about a Summit Meadow Cabins stay and enjoy all that this area has to offer.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A 20 year tradition at Trillium Lake

For more than 20 years volunteers from the Mt Hood National Forest, Or Dept of Fish & Wildlife and local fishing organizations have put a smile on kids faces at the annual Trillium Lake Free Youth Fishing clinic held on the Sat of Father's Day weekend, this year, Sat 6/16.
Trillium Lake is also a great place for families to see emerging wildflowers as well as birds and other wildlife.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Now it really looks like SPRING

Not only do we have typical Mount Hood wildflowers

why are they called skunk cabbage?
the first trilliums popping out

In most places there is more bare ground than snow.

Even the dogs are enjoying the transition.

Don't lose out. Plan a visit soon to
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The snow is melting!!!

The Trillium Lake Road has been plowed to the dam and the day use parking as well as out the Mud Creek Loop thanks to the Federal Highways project on Hwy 35 that will be hauling rock from the quarry.

Here's what Trillium Lake looked like earlier in the week.
While the lake is snow covered, now that the melt has begun it won't take long before it melts.

We have plowed from Trillium Lake Road past the Summit Meadow Graves towards our cabins. While the snow on the side of the road looks HIGH, it is a result of the loader piling the snow moved off the road surface and not an indication of the surrounding snow depth.

We are right on track for guests to be enjoying spring birds, emerging wildflowers and our cabins over Memorial Day weekend.

Call or email us today to make your reservation!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How long does it take for the snow to melt at Summit Meadow?

It's almost May and while 
tree wells and south facing slopes are melting out quickly and spring birds are chirping away, here's what it looked like at the meadow earlier in the week.

Typically we plow into our cabins at the point that makes the most sense, after the snow has stopped accumulating and a good portion of the last months deposit has melted. With the warming temperatures this weekend and the "rumor" that the road into Trillium Lake  may be plowed "any time from now," we expect to be able to drive into our cabins (or within 100 yards of each) before Memorial Day weekend when have openings in all of our cabins.

It's a GREAT time to visit when the area first melts out. Not only are birds and buds bursting out all over, the spring wildflowers start poking out with the first melting of the snow and you pretty much have the area to yourself.  

Summer dates will fill up fast, so check out  availability on the Summer Availability page  and make your reservation soon.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The first day of spring and the SNOW continues!

We've been getting an interesting mix of new snow, sun & clearing, sometimes over the week & more recently all in the course of one day (for several days in a row!) Total snow depth is holding at 3-5 feet (less in some locations) as most of the new snow either compacts or melts.

Since we typically get lots of snow in March & April, my guess is that we can expect good snow conditions  to continue for xc skiing and snowshoeing throughout March and into April.

A great thing about this time of year is that the days are longer, weather milder and the crowds die down so it's really a GREAT time to visit.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love letters from guests and incredible full moon views!

They're both part of what makes our our life at Summit Meadow awesome!
Is this magic or what?

Full moon ski last month. The next full moon is upon us!

Love letters from our long termed returning guests also remind us of why we're here.

Lulu and her group spent 6 days last week at the Meadow Chalet and have rebooked again for  next year.
She writes:
"As always, we had a fantastic time with multi-generation laughter, music and grand over eating.  We even had a wedding proposal out on the trail this year! ahh-memories. Thank you for maintaining the cabin  so beautifully. Same time next year-Mon-Sunday."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We've received 2+ feet in the first 2 days of this storm cycle and more is on the way! Conditions are EXCELLENT and we're trying to keep up the grooming with all of the new snow that's been accumulating. Although we've been xc skiing and snowshoeing on a great base since Thanksgiving, it's sometimes gotten really thin. Some of the best conditions so far this winter have been  in the Trillium Lake Basin and it's been attracting lots of folks including dogsledders....

Typically we get most of our snow in the later half of the winter and this year seems to follow that pattern. By March and April we tend to have the most snow, conditions are great and most folks start to lose interest as spring erupts at their homes.

There's still some weekend opportunities in our cabins as well as a great midweek winter special,

Pay for 2 winter midweek nights (Sun-Thurs) and the 3rd is free.
Including Spring Break!