Friday, December 4, 2015



Let me count the ways.....

GREAT RATES...Winter midweek night (Sun -Thurs ) rates are lower than weekend rates.
We have a GREAT winter midweek special ready for you to take advantage of,
pay for 2 midweek winter nights and the 3rd is free
Our midweek special is valid all winter except for the Christmas public school vacation and the Sunday nights of the three day holiday weekends, Martin Luther King and President's Day.

NO CROWDS....Imagine getting a lazy start to your midweek day
at one of our cabins and xc skiing around Trillium Lake seeing
only a handful of folks.
Find solitude at the dam at Trillium Lake.  Better yet head up Shearer Burn Road or out to Mud Creek and find your own trails.

MORE CABIN can generally get the cabin of your choice as well as make a last minute reservation when the weather and/or  conditions are special.

 MIDWEEK GROOMING.....This is the 30th year have volunteered  to do the xc ski and snowshoe trail grooming. Donations from those using these trails and a grant from Clackamas County Tourism pays for the rental of the grooming equipment and enables us to also groom an average of once/midweek, depending on conditions.

LESS TRAFFIC.....what can I say, rarely is there midweek traffic to Mt Hood (outside of the midweek holiday periods.)

It makes for a much more pleasant experience.
Sunset view from the Meadow Chalet living room

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kids have FUN at Summit Meadow Cabins

Kids of all ages have winter fun
regardless of the weather!


Sometimes, it's the simplest of pleasures....

                Don't lose out, make your reservations soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This Spring is a particularly good time to visit SUMMIT MEADOW CABINS!


This is the first time since we opened in 1982 that we  have been able to drive into the cabins since February and are able to offer guests a snow free SPRING visit during the months of March, April and May.

We have both midweek and weekend  openings in all of our cabins during April and May.

Guests can enjoy a visit without the typical summer crowds.

Summer hiking trails below about 5,000 feet in elevation are  snow free.

Lakes that typically may not melt out until Late May or June are snow free and ready for summer boating fun.
Kayaking at Timothy Lk

Avalanche Lillies

 Wildflowers are   poking out 1-2 months earlier than you would expect.
Calypso Orchids

What did our winter guests (who typically have not been summer guests) say about their snow free visits?

Thank you so much for everything this weekend. We had fun and went on a few hikes all three days. The cabin was perfect and had everything we needed. I appreciate your hospitality.

Tamanawas Falls
Hey there, Wendy - 

 Just checking in with you to let    you know we're a go for next February in Chimney Rock. Looks like it would be 2/19 - 2/21, correct?

We were very sad without the    snow this year but our trip turned our really (really) fantastic. We hiked Tamanawas Falls. Also multiple trips around Trillium. We hiked over 22 miles on our week-end. It was fun to see what things looked like without snow.  :o)  

Hi Wendy,
Our friends had a great time and we did drive up on Saturday for a couple of hours. I can't believe the lack of snow on the's not good. Everyone loves this weather but I would prefer snow any day! Yes, please rebook us for next year. We'll be there no matter what the weather! We all love it. 
Cheers, Nicole

Thanks for everything, Wendy! We enjoyed our time greatly and plan to come back next year!
Thanks so much Wendy - We had a great time! Very different but lots of fun. Fishing and got out on the water in some watercraft. Beautiful views of the mountain
We’d like to come the weekend before if that’s open? (First weekend of spring break) If not open, please do sign us up for the same weekend
Thanks  AL
Trillium Lake Trail w/first spring "flowers" 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What wonderful GUESTS we have!

                                Our guests are the best

The absolute best thing about operating Summit Meadow Cabins is all of the wonderful people we've developed long termed relationships with over the last 30+ years. Many of them have been visiting annually with the same group of folks on the same weekend for 20-30 years.  

In several cases, the second generation now has the reservation and bring their folks.  

At least 3 times a year a close group of creative friends from a coastal community come for a 3-6 day visit. They always leave "love notes" like the one below, kind words and lovely little gifts

When the snow conditions were marginal, our guests didn't complain. Of course, we all want snow, but it's possible to enjoy these unusual, spring like conditions in Feb March that don't usually happen.

Lots of folks are rediscovering solitude at Trillium Lake  by hiking around the lake and utilizing the new section of trail that starts at the east end of the "airstrip." The beaver lodges along the lake are even more apparent these days.

One multifamily group that have been winter guests for over 10 years, not only enjoyed a snowless weekend, but it also rained most of the time.  They all smiled about, "making lemonade out of lemons"  and rebooked the same weekend for next year. 

A young couple, new guests, booked their honeymoon stay at Falls Cr Aframe several months ago. Their initial reaction to the lack of snow was disappointment and then it rained during most of their visit.
He texted me just as they left   
Thank you so much for the wonderful relaxing start to our marriage. We absolutely loved it! Have a wonderful day and thanks again.
she left me the following note in the cabin. 
Thank you so much for letting us stay in your cabin. It was such a memorable time and we are so thankful we got to experience the quietness, peace and beauty of this place.  We will definitely be back. Thanks again.
The most amazing thing happened over the crazily busy Christmas-New Years vacation.
One of our guests who passed us on the trail just before dark, overheard that a family of four, new to the Summit Meadows experience, were at the cabins but all the cabins were booked with others (yes, its along story). Bottom line, as we're struggling to find alternative lodging during the busiest time of the year, she offers to share her Chalet with the family. While these folks were strangers at the at moment, they  certainly weren't after sharing their hospitality. 
That's what I mean, we just have great guests!