Sunday, November 17, 2013

We had a GREAT summer, but when will it snow?

Summit Meadow transitioning into fall

Except for the dreary (remember wet and cold) September, we can't complain about our summer and October fall.

Here are some of my favorite memories 

MT Hood Lilies were prolific 

Split Rock near Paradise Park

Mop Tops (Western Pasque Flowers) at Mc Neil Point


Tom Dick Ridge huckleberryless in Sept

but not where you'd expect them

Now the real question is when will we be snowed in????

I wish I knew, but the reality of the matter is we'll know after it happens. Our first real "dump" was Nov  5 and here's what it looked like.

After that melted and we had the usual rain, clear, rain, mode, we got another blast of snow this weekend which left several inches of new.

Weather for the next week looks more like rain than anything else so our new snow may melt again (or not!).

Bottomline, we'll know when we get snowed in after it happens.


In any case, it's not too early to plan a winter getaway at Summit Meadow Cabins. 

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