Sunday, October 21, 2012

First snow of the season, Sun 10/21/12

Here's something to get excited about!
It's the first snow of this season which fell this morning, October 21.
While it may be gone tomorrow, I have a clear memory of October 20, 1984, when it started snowing in the morning and when it stopped we had 2+ feet on the ground and were snowed in for the winter. Our son was born Nov 11 of that year.  It was the earliest snowed in date I've experienced since moving here in the mid 1970s, so that tells you how little we know about predicting when we'll be skiing in instead of driving in.

Today the road through the meadow melted out fast as the skies dried up, but sooner or later, winter will be here in full force.

One thing to count on, we always know when it happens after it does.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't let this incredible weather fool you

The transition has started! 


Whether it's the fall colors, the frost in the early morning or the days with more hours of darkness than light, it's apparent, winter is on it's way.

The weather is wonderful. Hiking on the upper mountain is great. You'll see fall colors along w/ patches of wildflowers including monkeyflowers, gentian and more.  
So much beauty, so little time.......