Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We've received 2+ feet in the first 2 days of this storm cycle and more is on the way! Conditions are EXCELLENT and we're trying to keep up the grooming with all of the new snow that's been accumulating. Although we've been xc skiing and snowshoeing on a great base since Thanksgiving, it's sometimes gotten really thin. Some of the best conditions so far this winter have been  in the Trillium Lake Basin and it's been attracting lots of folks including dogsledders....

Typically we get most of our snow in the later half of the winter and this year seems to follow that pattern. By March and April we tend to have the most snow, conditions are great and most folks start to lose interest as spring erupts at their homes.

There's still some weekend opportunities in our cabins as well as a great midweek winter special,

Pay for 2 winter midweek nights (Sun-Thurs) and the 3rd is free.
Including Spring Break!