Thursday, May 24, 2012

Now it really looks like SPRING

Not only do we have typical Mount Hood wildflowers

why are they called skunk cabbage?
the first trilliums popping out

In most places there is more bare ground than snow.

Even the dogs are enjoying the transition.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The snow is melting!!!

The Trillium Lake Road has been plowed to the dam and the day use parking as well as out the Mud Creek Loop thanks to the Federal Highways project on Hwy 35 that will be hauling rock from the quarry.

Here's what Trillium Lake looked like earlier in the week.
While the lake is snow covered, now that the melt has begun it won't take long before it melts.

We have plowed from Trillium Lake Road past the Summit Meadow Graves towards our cabins. While the snow on the side of the road looks HIGH, it is a result of the loader piling the snow moved off the road surface and not an indication of the surrounding snow depth.

We are right on track for guests to be enjoying spring birds, emerging wildflowers and our cabins over Memorial Day weekend.

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