Friday, February 1, 2013

A GREAT start to the WINTER

January arrived after a series of storms with cold, dry snow not usually seen on Mt Hood for weeks at a time. 

 There were LOTS of sunny
(still w/cold, dry snow days), again  somewhat of a novelty on the westside of Mt Hood, particularly when it goes on and on.

There were all sorts of interesting frost formations  and even some moonlight skiing here and there around the full moon.                         

Crisp, sparkly snow and sunny days made for some of the best xc skiing a person could ask for, both on the groomed trail and on backcountry routes like the Quarry Loop

 Alpenglow from the view at our Meadow
Chalet was hard to beat!

The last week of January brought over 3 feet in 48 hours, followed by rain, all of which will slowly consolidate and add to our winter snowpack. While some folks wonder if there will be six more weeks of winter, those of us at Summit Meadow know it'll be winter here at least through April.

February will be a GREAT time to enjoy the snow in and around Trillium Basin.

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