Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What wonderful GUESTS we have!

                                Our guests are the best

The absolute best thing about operating Summit Meadow Cabins is all of the wonderful people we've developed long termed relationships with over the last 30+ years. Many of them have been visiting annually with the same group of folks on the same weekend for 20-30 years.  

In several cases, the second generation now has the reservation and bring their folks.  

At least 3 times a year a close group of creative friends from a coastal community come for a 3-6 day visit. They always leave "love notes" like the one below, kind words and lovely little gifts

When the snow conditions were marginal, our guests didn't complain. Of course, we all want snow, but it's possible to enjoy these unusual, spring like conditions in Feb March that don't usually happen.

Lots of folks are rediscovering solitude at Trillium Lake  by hiking around the lake and utilizing the new section of trail that starts at the east end of the "airstrip." The beaver lodges along the lake are even more apparent these days.

One multifamily group that have been winter guests for over 10 years, not only enjoyed a snowless weekend, but it also rained most of the time.  They all smiled about, "making lemonade out of lemons"  and rebooked the same weekend for next year. 

A young couple, new guests, booked their honeymoon stay at Falls Cr Aframe several months ago. Their initial reaction to the lack of snow was disappointment and then it rained during most of their visit.
He texted me just as they left   
Thank you so much for the wonderful relaxing start to our marriage. We absolutely loved it! Have a wonderful day and thanks again.
she left me the following note in the cabin. 
Thank you so much for letting us stay in your cabin. It was such a memorable time and we are so thankful we got to experience the quietness, peace and beauty of this place.  We will definitely be back. Thanks again.
The most amazing thing happened over the crazily busy Christmas-New Years vacation.
One of our guests who passed us on the trail just before dark, overheard that a family of four, new to the Summit Meadows experience, were at the cabins but all the cabins were booked with others (yes, its along story). Bottom line, as we're struggling to find alternative lodging during the busiest time of the year, she offers to share her Chalet with the family. While these folks were strangers at the at moment, they  certainly weren't after sharing their hospitality. 
That's what I mean, we just have great guests!