Friday, August 3, 2012

check out all that summer has to offer!

Summer is finally here and it's time to enjoy it while it lasts!
Tiger lily on the  Trillium Lk Tr
Mt Hood Lilies are in bloom on the Veda Lk Tr
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Native huckleberries should be at their prime for picking and fall colors are GREAT!

quiet north end of Trillium Lk
Bog Orchids

As the snow melts at the higher elevations wildflowers that bloomed months ago at lower elevation are now in full color. It's quite the trick to see the same species in bloom 3-5 times throughout the summer. Currently the west side of the Timberline Trail is pretty much snow free.  Paradise Park ( 6 miles west of Timberline Lodge) should  peak with flowers in the next few weeks. Elk Meadows currently has great displays.
Avalanche lilies, follow the melting snow
August and September are wonderful times to visit.
Wild huckleberries should be ready for picking and the colors of fall are outstanding.
The fall raptor migration is at it's peak and can be seen at the Bonney Butte Hawkwatch Site.

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