Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This Spring is a particularly good time to visit SUMMIT MEADOW CABINS!


This is the first time since we opened in 1982 that we  have been able to drive into the cabins since February and are able to offer guests a snow free SPRING visit during the months of March, April and May.

We have both midweek and weekend  openings in all of our cabins during April and May.

Guests can enjoy a visit without the typical summer crowds.

Summer hiking trails below about 5,000 feet in elevation are  snow free.

Lakes that typically may not melt out until Late May or June are snow free and ready for summer boating fun.
Kayaking at Timothy Lk

Avalanche Lillies

 Wildflowers are   poking out 1-2 months earlier than you would expect.
Calypso Orchids

What did our winter guests (who typically have not been summer guests) say about their snow free visits?

Thank you so much for everything this weekend. We had fun and went on a few hikes all three days. The cabin was perfect and had everything we needed. I appreciate your hospitality.

Tamanawas Falls
Hey there, Wendy - 

 Just checking in with you to let    you know we're a go for next February in Chimney Rock. Looks like it would be 2/19 - 2/21, correct?

We were very sad without the    snow this year but our trip turned our really (really) fantastic. We hiked Tamanawas Falls. Also multiple trips around Trillium. We hiked over 22 miles on our week-end. It was fun to see what things looked like without snow.  :o)  

Hi Wendy,
Our friends had a great time and we did drive up on Saturday for a couple of hours. I can't believe the lack of snow on the's not good. Everyone loves this weather but I would prefer snow any day! Yes, please rebook us for next year. We'll be there no matter what the weather! We all love it. 
Cheers, Nicole

Thanks for everything, Wendy! We enjoyed our time greatly and plan to come back next year!
Thanks so much Wendy - We had a great time! Very different but lots of fun. Fishing and got out on the water in some watercraft. Beautiful views of the mountain
We’d like to come the weekend before if that’s open? (First weekend of spring break) If not open, please do sign us up for the same weekend
Thanks  AL
Trillium Lake Trail w/first spring "flowers"