Sunday, April 22, 2012

How long does it take for the snow to melt at Summit Meadow?

It's almost May and while 
tree wells and south facing slopes are melting out quickly and spring birds are chirping away, here's what it looked like at the meadow earlier in the week.

Typically we plow into our cabins at the point that makes the most sense, after the snow has stopped accumulating and a good portion of the last months deposit has melted. With the warming temperatures this weekend and the "rumor" that the road into Trillium Lake  may be plowed "any time from now," we expect to be able to drive into our cabins (or within 100 yards of each) before Memorial Day weekend when have openings in all of our cabins.

It's a GREAT time to visit when the area first melts out. Not only are birds and buds bursting out all over, the spring wildflowers start poking out with the first melting of the snow and you pretty much have the area to yourself.  

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