Thursday, December 12, 2013


When was the last time you remember seeing Trillium Lake frozen over with clear ice.
My recollection was the late 1970s when we all went to Goodwill and bought the closest sized ice skates we could find and had a blast!

Here's what it looked like on Thanksgiving eve this year.

December days have been something to remember.

Starting with 30 hours of many, many inches of intense rain then turning to cold, dry snow, long enough for our 5-7 inch of base to become established. Who would have expected frigid, close to zero degree weather for a week after that?
The good news is that the cold temperatures left us with a week of dry, powder snow skiing for our season's first grooming of the Trillium Lake Loop.

Those frigid temperatures also contributed to amazing, delicate  snow, ice and hoar frost creations in some of our creeks.

Many of our seeps and waterfalls have dramatically changed with icy features.
Take a look at Tamanawas Falls.
We haven't even seen the first day of winter yet. Wonder what will come next?